Cyber Security

Data Integrations’ Cyber-Attack and Threat Mitigation portfolio is an integrated solution focused on addressing the post-breach issues businesses face following a successful cyber-attack.

It will identify, contain, respond, remediate and ultimately mitigate the impact of the breach, faster and more efficiently than ever before. It helps address the key issues facing CISOs: lack of visibility, volume of incidents, classification of incidents, time to detect, time to contain and ultimately the minimisation of the attack’s impact.

With this solution, a business has superior intelligence and visibility into the ICT infrastructure and faster notification of any breach. Consequently they will be able to remediate more quickly and ultimately minimise the cost to the business, downgrading successful attacks to defensible threats.

Crucially, our collection of tools, vendors, software, expertise and managed services allows us to constantly learn about the attackers and the profiles of their attacks. It shouldn’t be forgotten that although the vast majority of attacks are opportunistic and the result of a scattergun “hit and hope” script running from Metasploit / Armitage or a Backtrack host, are therefore normally (not always) recognisable and dealt with by robust security systems. However, there is another type of attack, used by an altogether different type blackhat – the targeted attack.

Read our Whitepaper to find out more:

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