To attract the optimum level of students and the highest quality of faculty, you need to create distinct value.

But with diminishing budgets, increased competition and an ever-discerning student base, it’s a continual challenge to stay at the top. Students and faculty are demanding more from universities than ever before:

  • They expect to bring their own mobile devices and connect to universities’ networks without question.
  • They demand ubiquitous, wireless access to services and information from anywhere at any time.
  • Constant access to social media is a vital life-line.
  • The need to share, collaborate and learn in a dynamic, seamlessly connected environment.

The only way to compete is to optimise resources and to innovate to attract. But this demands security in an unrestricted culture, responsiveness with predictable costs and high performance networks from robust infrastructures.

Our experts don’t just understand higher education - we live and breathe it, every day.

Data Integration is at the forefront of empowering universities to deliver the ultimate student and faculty experience with the optimum use of resources.

Over 30 higher education customers trust us to deliver managed network and managed security solutions that allow them to reach their goals. Our people are your assets.

Possessing the knowledge, skillsets, capabilities and experience you need from a specialised higher education partner, we take problems away with solutions and put in place services that deliver to support your objectives.

What we do:

  • Deliver rich media and bandwidth intensive applications over high speed, high availability network infrastructures.
  • Offer secure remote access and campus wireless network access for students, faculty and guests.
  • Provide secure, collaborative learning environments including video, voice and data.
  • Control student Internet and bandwidth usage, including web 2.0 applications.
  • Free resources to add value through fully Managed Network and Security services.

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Latest Whitepaper:

In this whitepaper, Data Integration considers how learning has changed over recent years and looks at ways education providers are raising their game to meet the demands of ever-discerning students using creative applications of technology. It also considers what the next generation of learning will look like and discusses whether higher education is still ahead of the technology curve.

“Some institutions will embrace the changes that are necessary to survive and thrive in this new higher education reality. Others will fight them — and fail.”

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