Insurance & Finance

Insurance and Finance companies want a long-term partner, a safe pair of hands and a provider that understands your challenges while providing secure, stable, high-performance IT and networking solutions that help meet your business objectives and regulatory requirements.

In a highly regulated and competitive industry, in which differentiation can be tough and the pressure's on to develop more customer-centric services, you can't afford to stand still or be slow and inflexible. The Insurance and Finance industries look to their IT departments for flexibility that can drive agility and innovation, and for control that can help them be secure and compliant.

They look for:

  • Culture of caring and consultative approach
  • Consistent, seamless experience everywhere
  • Focus on innovation, quality and sustainability
  • Choice and flexibility

Data Integration is agile, quick-to-market and understands what you’re up against. We’ll provide you with the right mix of networking, mobility, security and network management services that's right for your business.