Are you running your IT infrastructure – or is it running you?

Without a consistent strategy, operating your IT can rapidly degenerate into a series of energy-sapping, resource-depleting fire-fights.

That’s why many customers choose to work with us. We use industry standard service management practices such as ITIL to bring consistency, efficiency and visibility to infrastructure operation. Our flexible support, monitoring and managed services mesh with your own, making us an extension to your own IT teams, delivering support only where you truly need it.

Our services include:

  • DI Respond - Hardware, software and telephone support with four service levels from 9-5 to 24x7
  • DI Watch - Combines the best of vendor-independent management software with our team of dedicated and highly skilled analysts to provide 24x7 monitoring of your network
  • DI Flex - Flexible access additional on-site engineering expertise or remote change management services
  • DI Vault - Manage the risk of configuration changes with our automated network configuration backup and audit service