Extreme Networks

The better the connection, the better the experience. At Extreme Networks, their mission is to develop the best products, deliver award winning customer service, and simply be the company you want to do business with. 

Extreme Networks are a leading provider of network infrastructure equipment and services for enterprises, data centers, and service providers. Since its founding in 1996, their vision has been a world enabled by a unified network based upon Ethernet that simplifies each element and component of the network, and through simplification, provides services at a lower cost.

As networks internal to businesses, between businesses and the Internet itself become more pervasive and critical to a wide variety of business and social communications, the volume and the demands of applications, data, users and devices on networks continue to increase.

Extreme Networks vision focuses on the design and delivery of easily deployable, highly scalable, secure and comprehensively managed networks which are reliable, fast, flexible and cost-effective.