Public Sector

The Public Sector is seeing unprecedented change in the way its services are delivered. The challenge: to do more with less by delivering improved services at lower cost.

Tackling the cost of public services is a priority for the coalition government. The agenda for reform means a fundamental shift in the way those services are delivered and technology has a key role to play, offering new ways of working. The public sector is moving towards online service delivery, providing easy-to-use, trusted and flexible information and transactional services digitally by default.

ICT has a significant transformational role to play in this journey, creating added value through the simplification, standardisation and automation of service delivery. Online services and digital media are already transforming services in the commercial sector. Now, it is time for the public sector to meet the expectations of 'customers' with access to services anytime, anyplace.

We can help.

We have the experts and the experience to provide practical guidance and innovation through our wide range of solutions and services.

Within Local Government, our solutions support the secure delivery of business and citizen centric services. These solutions make effective change happen by using ICT to drive down the cost of service delivery.

Within Healthcare, our solutions help enable improved staff effectiveness and improved standards of patient care, allowing clinicians and others to work productively providing information securely when and where it is needed most.