Data Integration Challenges Chief Information Security Officers on the Inevitability of Threats

18 Feb 2014

Latest whitepaper from Data Integration states visibility and intelligence are key in the fight against cyber-crime 

LONDON, 18 February 2014 - Data Integration, the network and system integrator owned by Xchanging plc, today announced publication of a new whitepaper which asks businesses to accept the unavoidability of cyber-attacks and positions how strategies can be developed to realistically minimise their impact.

This succinct whitepaper examines the cost of breaches to businesses, including the value of the data released, regulatory fines and decreased revenues from loss of business reputation. It also highlights the key issues facing Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) today such as lack of visibility, volume of incidents, classification of incidents and time to detect and contain attacks.

Key value in the piece includes recommended ways in which CISOs can adapt their ICT infrastructures to gain superior intelligence and visibility that allows successful attacks to be quickly downgraded to defensible threats, thus minimising the ultimate cost of being compromised.

Adrian Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at Data Integration, comments:
“Despite continual investments in systems, policies and procedures, businesses are still being breached and it’s an ongoing struggle to protect against attack. Given the inevitability of breaches in the high-risk security landscape we operate in, actionable and faster notifications are now pre-requisites to enable a quicker and more effective response, a message clearly set out in this paper.”

For your copy of the whitepaper, click here.

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About Data Integration, A DXC Technology Offer

Data Integration is one of the UK’s leading networking, security and communication technology providers. Acquired by Xchanging, the business process and technology services provider, the company is now part of Xchanging’s Technology business.

Data Integration specialises in network security, mobility solutions and high performance networks serving more than 300 customers in the UK, spanning the private and public sectors.