Managed Security Services

Technology needs to enable an enterprise without hindrance

We believe that the optimum level of protection can only be achieved through a unified approach to security that encompasses technology, management services, policies, employment contracts, and people’s behaviour together under one security umbrella.

Our Managed Security Services offer enterprises a complete end-to-end managed security solution that combines security, technology, management and monitoring to give complete visibility and control of where data enters and leaves an organisation.

Security is not something which is added to a project in order to comply with minimum regulatory standards or policies or re-invented every time a new infrastructure project is implemented.

We enable you to achieve the appropriate level of security for your individual business, protecting your data, your infrastructure and your reputation, without compromising your users or your customers.

What we do:

  • Wireless and Wired Security: We make sure that unauthorised access to your wireless LAN is blocked by enforcing authentication policies and prevent users from connecting to your wireless LAN when they are plugged into your wired network and vice versa
  • Life-cycle Threat Management: We maintain centralised control for the consistent delivery of security policies across multiple applications and users, including social, mobile, and privileged users
  • End-point compliance: We will ensure your employees’ laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices are protected and that data-leakage of sensitive information is prevented wherever it resides
  • Perimeter security: We deliver protection from threats outside of your network, preventing loss or leakage of your confidential information to hackers; stopping the introduction of malicious software onto your systems; and detecting and defending against denial of service attacks
  • Data centre security: We will ensure your business critical systems and information are protected and always available in your next generation data centre
  • Physical to virtual security management: We will help you reduce multiple security assets using virtual machines which are easier to manage and more cost effective
  • Application Centric Solutions: Implement security and privacy safeguards that are fit-for-purpose with social media networking sites, and securely enable WebEx, Instant Messaging, remote diagnostics and other technologies that bypass traditional communication protocols
  • Security and policy compliance solutions: We will help you to avoid financial penalties or reputational damage by defining policies and providing proof of compliance and evidence of remedial actions for compliance lapses

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