Imperial College London deploys Juniper Netscreen Firewall/VPNs to secure 10 Gbps next generation network architecture

08 Nov 2006

Data Integration today announced that it has won a contract with Imperial College to upgrade the firewalls securing the University’s link to the Internet. The upgrade will see Data Integration deploying two Juniper Networks NetScreen 5400 firewall/VPNs.

Imperial College required a very high specification firewall giving at least eight Gbps throughput, IPv6 support and high levels of resilience and redundancy. This requirement was driven by:

The University’s decision to implement potentially complex inter-departmental security policies which requires a firewall greater throughput, the ability to support virtual systems.Research collaboration requiring high bandwidth links between academic institutions (e.g. in the field of High Energy Physics)

Chris Roberts, IT Security Manager in the ICT department at Imperial College, said, There are very few firewalls on the market today that met our very specific requirements in terms of throughput. We selected the Juniper Networks NetScreen-5400 because of the product’s well-proven reliability and security as well as the stability and size of Juniper as an organisation. Data Integration was chosen to implement the solution because the company's in-depth market and product knowledge coupled with excellent customer references gave us confidence in their ability to support us throughout this critical project.

The Juniper Networks NetScreen-5400 firewall/VPN is designed to provide up to 30Gbps firewall throughput, so is easily able to meet Imperial’s current and future security needs. The performance and security capabilities of the Juniper Networks NetScreen-5400 FW/VPNs also enable Imperial College to implement sophisticated inter-departmental security policies based on virtual systems. These allow a single firewall to be partitioned into multiple security domains, each with a unique set of administrators, policies, VPN tunnels, and address books. Two Juniper Networks NetScreen-5400s are deployed in active-active High Availability mode, ensuring that in the event of a system failure there is sub-second failover between the systems, so that security sessions, policies and virtual systems are retained and maintained without loss or delay to data transmissions.

Simon Crumplin, CEO at Data Integration, said, Imperial College is at the cutting edge of research in its field which places high demands on the university’s network, which leads to it only selecting best-in-breed technology. The Juniper Networks firewall/VPN product range is one of the cornerstones of Data Integration’s portfolio, and with up to 30Gbps firewall throughput the NetScreen-5400 is the flagship system within that range, helping us to provide such a credible solution to Imperial College’s performance requirements. We are very flattered that Imperial has again chosen to work with Data Integration. We expect that many more universities will need to review their perimeter security in the coming months as they seek to take advantage of the new SuperJANET5 network.

About Data Integration

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