Mobility & BYOD

Mobile and remote working without the risk

We can help with solutions that can:

  • monitor and manage your mobile devices (MDM)
  • backup and restore data; protect against virus and malware attack
  • mitigate against loss or theft (GPS location remote wipe / remote locking)
  • control spam and other unwanted traffic (content management).

Mobility is about giving businesses control over devices and the data on them
Up until recently businesses have controlled the devices that have access to their infrastructure. Users need to now access corporate resources on smartphones, PDAs, public access computers and tablets which need corporate security policies enforced on them.

Mobility relates to your users, and your data, if your users are mobile, so is your data and so is your risk. A mobility framework accommodates users accessing your data and applications in any location using any device.

What is the problem?
Allowing unregulated or uncontrolled devices on the network massively increases the risk of data loss, theft and malicious manipulation. The potential implications to any business are significant and include reputation damage, brand image, loss of IP, prosecution etc. However, businesses that embrace mobility will see increased productivity, staff retention, business agility and work place flexibility.

There are three choices to be made:

  1. Do not support mobility - This is increasingly difficult in even the most secure business or government environment and virtually impossible in organisations which rely on remote & flexible working
  2. Support mobility but restrict - Only allow access from devices owned, configured and controlled by your organisation.
  3. Embrace mobility - Allow access from anywhere, using any capable device, whether owned by your organisation or not, but enforce how your data is stored, manipulated and destroyed using standards-based, cross-platform software

Data Integration are leaders in the design, implementation and management of mobility solutions.

How do you protect your data when it's mobile?
Endpoint control is the protection of company data through remote administration, regardless of the device in use. This gives businesses the confidence to embrace devices we know about today but also those of the future. In conjunction with secure access gateways, site-wide Wi-Fi and remote access with strong authentication (2 factor), businesses will have seamless roaming from wired to wireless, regardless of device and with data secured at every level.

Our approach

Wireless audit and site survey

  • Full RF planning services to ensure the best possible coverage, auto-detection and remediation of rogue networks on your estate. Definition and protection of the invisible network perimeter; leakage control.

Wireless network deployment and management

  • Design and installation of centralised WLAN solutions with access points configured in a fully resilient mesh.

LAN / WLAN integration

  • Integrate wireless solutions with existing wired infrastructure. Implement shared single authentication and directory services.

Remote access solution (SSLVPN and IPSEC)

  • Design, implementation and support of complex WLAN and Remote Access solutions.

Two factor authentication system

  • Design, implementation and management of innovative gateway authentication systems.

Endpoint management

  • Fully managed endpoint solutions for smartphones, tablets and laptops regardless of operating system, and shared environments such as internet café PCs are all supported, securely and with full monitoring, data protection, deletion, recovery and remote wipe.

How do we deliver this?

  • Initial consultation — Snapshot/audit of current network topology, security solution design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Vendor solution mapping
  • Professional services-implementation/training
  • DI Watch - 24/7/365 support and maintenance